1935 – Enrico Francia emigrates with his family from the Marche to the region of Agro Pontino, an area south of Rom where only starting from the Twenties the marshes started to be reclaimed.
Here Enrico Francia, together with his wife and their sons Alceo, Ennio, Antonio, Giovanni, Maria e Anna, buys and starts to manage a couple of farming fields.

1950 – The elder brother Alceobuys a 500c van and supplies the local dairy farms with fresh milk.

1960 – Even if the brothers Alceo, Antonio and Giovanni started with a small business, they turned into the biggest milk suppliers in the region, delivering ca. 15.000 liters milk a day.

1966 – The Francia brothers buy a small farm with a cowshed and thanks to their great entrepreneurial mentality and hard work, they will get soon excellent results.

1970 – Enrico e Oliva Francia inaugurate the ‚Caseificio FRANCIA‘ in Pontinia, Latina!

The business is run in the meanwhile by AlceoFrancia and his brothers.
From the daily 40.000 liters milk they produce 5.000 kg mozzarella.
About 60 employees still make mozzarella by hand!

In the following years the demand for mozzarella keeps growing very quick!

In Italy, the name „ FRANCIA MOZZARELLA“ turns into a synonym of gusto and quality!

1987 – Inauguration of the second manufacturing plant, to satisfy the constantly increasing demand.

In the new factory in Sonninothey produce cow milk mozzarella.
In the first factory in Pontiniathey produce buffalo mozzarella.

1990 – AlceoFrancia and a partner found the company „Francia Mozzarella GmbH“ in Berlin-Reinickendorf. Starting from 1994 it is fully owned and managed by the family Francia.

2002 – Since the productivity of the Berlin factory consistently exceeds all expectations, they decide to inaugurate a new and more innovative production site in Berlin-Tempelhof.

2005 – Foundation of the Holding Francia. From that moment on, the company FRANCIA is successfully led by the direct descendants ofthe three brothers as family business.

2015 – FRANCIA moved from being a regional company to win a very important place in the European landscape.

At the moment we produce everyday 50.000 kg of cow milk and buffalo milk mozzarella in our modern plants in Italy and Germany.
Today ca. 300 employees cooperate and produce our Francia Mozzarella following the original traditional method.

And the story will go on and on!