Fresh Cheeses

Fresh pasta filata cheese is also Mozzarella.

It‘s a product with a short maturation of about 2 days.

Through this maturation, our products have a decisive and delicious taste and a longer shelf life.


Pasteurized milk, starter cultures, salt and rennet.

We offer our maturedorganic mozzarella in several sizes and shapes:

Appassito(Scamorza) / Appassitoaffumicatoca. 190g
Cacettobianco/ Cacettoaffumicatoca. 250g
Caciobianco/ Cacioaffumicatoca. 1000g
Provoloncinobianco/ provoloncinoaffumicatoca. 800g
Ciambellabianca/ ciambellaaffumicataca. 2,5kg